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To Do’s

Today marks my “Three Week Anniversary” as a blogger/tweep(?) in the mathtwitterblogosphere. So many posts/tweets to read/write/comment and so little time. Am I alone in thinking that when school starts up I will have significantly less time to pursue it? We shall see.

In the mean time, I am creating this page as a list of “To Do Posts” to keep me on track and honest about this new adventure.

Ongoing Participation

Participate in msFunSun on a “regular” basis.

I have completed the first two:
First Day and Notebooks. They are not necessarily posts I would have “chosen” to write, but in doing so I thought more deeply about my plans for this year.

Participate in New Blogger Initiative
This is a great opportunity, initiated by @samjshah with an assist from @jruelbach, to help new bloggers (like me and about 200 others!) join in the fun!
I appreciate that there is “choice” involved in each entry 🙂

Participate in Made4MathMonday

I am not nearly so crafty as many bloggers out there (you know who you are) but sometime I do have something to share. This will “encourage” me to do so.

Participate in My Favorite Fridays

I am currently enjoying my “Flashback Fridays” series, reflecting on memories about teaching and learning, but the My Favorite Fridays idea will encourage me to share more of my ideas.

This is a tall order already. I know I cannot possibly hope to find the time to participate in ALL of these EVERY week, but the fact that they are all available helps with “starting points” for posts instead allowing it to just whither and fade away.

“Do Nows” (or at least try to write these up before school starts?)

Lurking to Learning
My journey from a longtime lurker to a learning participant.

Tech Talks
This may die a slow death, since it is not really my forte. I am not as passionate about sharing my favorite Apps and/or tech that I use in the classroom, and I don’t feel that “I” get as much out of writing them. (After all, “I” am my first audience.) Maybe I will close it out with just a list of Apps I use and work the details into other posts when appropriate.

“Those Who Can. . .”
I have thoughts about writing about my road to becoming a teacher. Doing it now would be easier than later 🙂

I have written two posts on this topic, on Standards and Grading, but still have yet to fully describe all of the features of my implementation. My next post will involve how I incorporate formative assessment on a regular basis. Of course, there’s also the modifications I undergo based on all of the reading I do of other plans. I’d like to write about the “paradigm shift” that takes place on the journey to SBG, but I think that’s one for the future.

Tricky Tables
One of my first posts started this series on developing the concept of slope, and I followed it up about a week later. So far we are stuck at “counting” to find the change in x, slopes/rates of change that are usually integers, and minimal exposure to graphs. I plan to do more and then revisit when I actually teach it again this year.

My First Month
By the time my first month is up (in one week!) I hope to write a post reflecting on the experience. However, this might be tied in with the “Lurking to Learning” post. (I only have 24/7 just Ike everyone else.)

Math Greetings
This is a topic I have touched on in previous posts, First Day and Magnets, but I want to share more about how the idea originated, why it is useful, and the variety of ways I go about using it in the classroom.

After the School Year Starts

Once a Week
Commit to blogging about at least one lesson each week: what went well, what didn’t, how I plan to modify it for the next time, and a call for comments/suggestions from others. I need to follow through with lessons that “didn’t go so well” along with the “winners” so that I can get feedback from readers.

Now that I have my awesome “monster whiteboards” I am excited about sharing how I use them in the classroom. I give credit to @fnochese for the post that put me over the edge, and Thomas Ro for convincing me that they are superior to the butcher paper I have lying around. I will still use the mini-whiteboards for different purposes, but I have plans for the BIG ones.

Graph-Iti Wall
I just read about this today on mathematical molly and I am pumped to share how I use it in my classroom!

Well, that’s a start. Maybe a bit overwhelming, but as long as I keep chipping away. . .
Wish me luck 🙂


2 thoughts on “To Do’s

  1. Thanks for the mention! It’s one of my favorite classroom activities and the kid’s like it a lot too. Let me know how else I can help!

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