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Lesson: Tricky Tables

Earlier this summer I applied for a job (it was a part-time position to go with my current part-time position, so now I will be teaching full-time . . .but that’s a whole different story) and was asked to “present” a ten minute “mini-lesson” as a part of the interview. Well, in reality, I am not so sure how much can be accomplished in just ten minutes (and I believe it ended up going significantly longer than that) but I pulled out part of a series of activities that I have used with my eighth-graders for the past two years.

The main focus was working first individually, then in pairs/threes on completing the tables below:


It seems like a fairly simple task, finding a constant increase or constant decrease pattern and filling it in, but nonetheless, there were a few challenges. There were both “math and non-math” people on the interview team, and it was interesting to see how they approached the problems.

-What strategies would YOU use to solve the problems?
-How do you think middle schoolers would approach the task?
-What misconceptions might crop up?

-What questions would you ask to guide discussion?
-What would be some “next steps?”

-What Enduring Mathematical Understanding can be developed by completing these tasks?

Here is a link to the next part in the series.


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