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msSunFun: Start, Stop, Continue


For this week’s msSunFun, I will have to opt for the goal-setting post, as my room is still somewhat in chaos. (I “inherited” a room from a retiring teacher and he left me lots of “gifts.” It took hours to sort through and decide what I wanted to keep, so now I am finally making some headway. We don’t actually start with students until September 5, but we do have an Open House a week from Tuesday – yikes!) After using 12 different rooms over the past 17 years, sharing with another teacher in all but one, am I hopeful that I have found a “home” for awhile!

Soooooo, on to the “real post.” Not much discussion – just a list. (I rambled on far too long yesterday for the New Blogger Initiative post.)


-Blogging about one lesson (success or “failure”) each week to share/get feedback.

-Incorporating the use of “monster” whiteboards in group problem solving.

-Implementing ideas I read about on blogs/twitter by figuring out how they will work best in my classroom.

-Introducing other teachers in my school/district to some of the ideas I read about.


-Staying up too late and/or falling asleep while reading with my daughter and then not being able to fall asleep later.

-Thinking critically about teachers who teach in an “ultra-traditional” manner and try to look for ways to help them see things differently. (Ok, that’s a stop/start.)

-Putting off following through on incomplete/missing student work. Help students understand how much I value homework even if it isn’t part of their grade. (Another stop/start.) 😉

-Allowing “little things” to disrupt the learning environment without addressing them in a simple non-threatening way.

-Applying too much pressure on myself to be the “perfect teacher.”


-Trying to focus on EMU (Enduring Mathematical Understanding,) especially when first developing concepts in the classroom.

-Using SBG to help students (as well as myself) see where they are really at in terms of their learning.

-Thinking “outside the book” when it comes to planning lessons and activities in the classroom.

-Writing posts for the New Blogger Initiative and msSunFun on a fairly regular basis (depending on the topic) and throw in a little Made4Math Monday and My Favorite Friday for good measure.

-Reading all the wonderful ideas that others are willing to share while attempting to find time to comment on them as well!

I think that’s all for now. I’ll check back in about a month and see. . .

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3 thoughts on “msSunFun: Start, Stop, Continue

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  3. These topics are so coifusnng but this helped me get the job done.

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