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Tech Talk: Fun Free Apps #1

I’m not so sure how these “Tech Talk” posts fit into my “Finding Enduring Mathematical Understanding” theme, but I will stick with them for now. I am, after all, a closet AppleFanGirl with a Master’s in Educational Technology. (O.k., so the Master’s is almost twenty years old. . .not exactly “useful” – except on pay day.)

If you have an iPad, iPhone, or (newish) iPod Touch, and you read ANY blogs at all, you MUST get this App. (Oh, it’s probably available on Android as well.) It is, amazingly, FREE! Soon, you too will be swiping through your Google Reader with ease. The magazine-like interface is so relaxing. Each post shows the title, an image (when available,) and the first few lines of text. One click and the whole post appears. Another click and you are taken directly to the website. Double click and you are back to to swiping pages.


In addition to Google Reader, you can set it up to show your Twitter feed. Images of pictures and links show up right on the page. A few clicks and you can reply, re-tweet, favorite…


Facebook is another social networking option. Flipboard also “curates” posts in a large variety of categories. (See Tech, Cool, and Sports in image.) A few months before the Olympics, I added one on the Olympics. (Maybe this wasn’t such a good choice, as I too often knew the results prior to watching the broadcast – what a surprise!)


I recently, refocused my Google Reader so that it only contains education related blogs, but then I am able to add some other blogs that I enjoy (kxcd, This is Indexed, GraphJam. . .ok, they are still kind of “mathy”) to Flipboard so that I can read them at my leisure. Originally you could only fill one “page” but now it might be unlimited. I’m on my third page as this point.

It doesn’t take much time at all to set up and then you can change things around add/delete whenever you want. It is DEFINITELY worth it 🙂


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4 thoughts on “Tech Talk: Fun Free Apps #1

  1. I read this while taking advantage of some free wi-fi at a starbucks (hate the prices, but love how it’s all over the world). I immediately proceeded to downloading flipboard. It seems to be awesome so far. I’ve been looking for a way view google reader in an efficient way for a while. I was using the web browser but it was annoying to have to zoom in and out all the time. I haven’t had a chance to truly use flipboard yet, but it seems to store the articles as offline content? I am going to test it out on the plane very soon! (waiting at the airport atm)

    Thanks for the tip!

  2. Not sure if you already knew… or if you are interested… but flipboard works offline! It seems to retrieve and stores it as offline content once you’ve loaded it, and then you can read entire articles! That was definitely helpful on my last flight, and will be helpful in 2 days when I have a long way to travel home!

    • That is great to know – a “hefty supply” of reading material when you are away from Wi-Fi (I don’t have 3G.) We flew cross-country this summer, but I had loaded some ebooks to read (plus did some actual school work on CCSS) so I don’t even think I checked Flipboard during the flight. Free wi-fi at our hotel later though 🙂

      Sent from my iPad

  3. I just found this post and put Flipboard on my Android phone. It works great, thanks! I found the Google Reader app sorta dry, but Flipboard is very engaging.

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