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Tech Talk: Paid Apps #1

I love my iPad dearly, but I am frugal, to say the least. I rarely purchase Apps, finding free ones that serve the purpose quite well. Here are a few of the ones I have actually spent my hard earned money on – maybe it was worth it πŸ™‚

Use Your Handwriting
(Question: How do you make a link to the App Store on an iPad?! Go there and check it out – really!)
I was an early adopter of the iPod Touch. I still use my First Generation even though I can no longer update to the newest operating system, nor can I seem to add any more Apps – they all require an updated system. My fascination with this tool/toy was the touch screen, and I yearned for a way to literally “write on the screen.” I found it with UYH! It was really the first App out there to truly give you the ability to just “write!” I originally picked up the Free Version, but later upgraded to UYH GOLD because it had additional features I liked. I cringed at the $1.99 (or was it just $0.99?) price, but I bit the bullet. (It is now up to $4.99 – good thing I bought it early!) Anyways, you can write notes in the screen and then it shrinks down to a scrollable list. With the GOLD version, each item in your list can then become its own heading so you have “lists within lists within lists…” When I got my iPad the iPad version came along for the ride – what a deal! My all time favorite use for it is brainstorming. I love to just write and write and write as ideas come into my head. I can organize them as I go or move things around later using “cut and paste.” (I know there many more Apps out there now that have similar features, but I am nothing if not loyal.)

The first image is an actual screen shot of the App “in action.”

The second image is after I have added a few more notes.

The final image is what the “saved image” looks like as a photo file (or in am email.)


Ok, that’s all for today. I’m going to go add to my “Blog Ideas” list on Use Your Handwriting πŸ™‚


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3 thoughts on “Tech Talk: Paid Apps #1

  1. I have an iPhone (and before that, it was the most useless flip phone that barely functions as a phone), but I don’t have an iPad. I share your frugality when it comes to purchasing apps. I don’t think I’ve even spent 1 dollar on it yet… I got a 20 dollar gift card from someone a while ago, and I still have 4 dollars left on it!

    I went to look at the app “Use your handwriting” in the app store, but am still left with a few questions… Does it interpret your handwriting and input it as a font? What do you use it for?

    In terms of recording my ideas and to-do lists, I’ve been using Evernote. You should definitely check it out if you haven’t yet! It’s free (great for people like us), and it can be synced across platforms!

    On a separate note… I’ve been considering getting an iPad, but haven’t been able to fully justify it to my wife (or myself) yet… maybe later when I find more things that my iPhone can’t do!

    • The “quality” of the writing on UYH does somewhat depend on your own handwriting. (I recommended it to a friend and he said he tried but couldn’t use it because his handwriting is so bad.) It “flows well” to give it that “calligraphy” look. Sometimes when I am writing really fast it looks like crap! I just like to avoid the whole “typing” thing – especially on my iPod Touch. I am not sure the $4.99 would be worth it at this point – maybe? I would probably stick with the free version. (I think it’s called Finger Write now.)

      I also have Evernote. I use it more for “storing” documents or web links on my iPad that I want to have easy access to in the future. (Then sometimes I forget that they are there.) Last Spring I used it to record a piano lesson my kids had with a “Master Teacher” from the University since their regular teacher couldn’t be there, then sent her the file electronically. It was pretty cool!

      My husband actually got me my iPad for my birthday a little over a year ago – partly because he knew I would keep waiting and not get one myself πŸ™‚

      Sent from my iPad

  2. Keep posting Kevin,keep getting big and lean!Bodybuilding has lost it’s shining stars and ouagatndinspersontlities!Glad You’ re back in the gym!greets

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